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Dormeuil - Newsletter
Historic Anniversaries
2nd June 1966
NASA’s space probe ‘Surveyor 1’ lands on the Moon.
13th June 1816
The Gas Light Company of Baltimore is founded.
30th June 1936
Margaret Mitchell’s novel ‘Gone with the Wind’ is published.

Woolmark Gold & Beautyberry

Woolmark Gold represents the finest cloth and yarns made from Australian Merino wool. Dormeuil has now had the Woolmark Gold label for 5 consecutive years.

Dormeuil China has managed to build strong and sustainable partnerships with leading brands including Beautyberry, a brand created by Mr. Wang Yutao, a famous young designer from China.

Mr. Wang Yutao worked with Dormeuil fabrics during the ‘be iconik’ event in 2013. This year, in conjunction with Woolmark Gold, Mr. Wang Yutao picked Dormeuil as his first choice to present Beautyberry’s AW16 collection.

During his show, he showcased the beauty of fibre, cloth and silhouette. Designs were crafted in fabrics from Dormeuil’s Ceremonial, iconik, Amadeus, Krono, Amadeus Jacktings and Exel collections.

For more information, visit :

Battle Tailors

During the five days of Ukrainian Fashion Week (March 17 – 21), three young tailors competed in the inaugural “Battle Tailors” competition.

The “Battle Tailors” project was created with the support of Charisma FG, Indposhiv, and Dormeuil’s local partner Sergey Zavgorodnii. Dormeuil provided luxury cloth for the three tailors competing. Over the five days of Fashion Week, the tailors had to construct a bespoke suit at the Homme Space location in Mystetskyi Arsenal in Kiev.

Congratulations to the winner, Eduard Kulbachenko, who took first place with his bespoke suit model crafted for TV showman, Yury Gorbunov.

A short video about the event can be found here:

Cloth of the Month

Dormeuil’s Tropical Amadeus is our Cloth of the Month for June.
This extra-fine, modern, and refreshing summer fabric has been recreated with an even more comfortable and luxurious finish. For lined or unlined suits (or jackets), the fabric falls perfectly and breaths beautifully.
Tropical Amadeus is offered in plain colours, pinstripes, checks, micro-checks, and mini hounds-tooth designs. The plain weave construction of Tropical Amadeus also makes this cloth the perfect choice for that must-have lightweight jacket for the summer.
Tropical Amadeus: 240 grams / 8 oz – 100% Worsted Wool
Made in England with passion and pride

Savoir-Vivre Salon

On April 21st, Dormeuil held an exclusive event with LINN and Air France at the Dormeuil Japon Showroom.
The event, ’The First SAVOIR-VIVRE SALON’ was focussed on VIP clients of LINN, Air France, and Dormeuil.
Guests enjoyed the unique sound quality of LINN’s new “Series 5” speaker system complete with featured antimacassars created with Dormeuil cloth.
For the ultimate in luxurious relaxation; home spaces, office environments, or in-flight entertainment, LINN and Air France create your own Savoir-Vivre Salon experience.

For more information, visit:

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